NHS trusts fail cyber-security health check

Sky News investigation reveals that seven NHS trusts failed to spend any money at all on cybersecurity defences in 2015

Researchers from cyber security consultancy Hacker House, as part of a Sky News investigation, have found a number of NHS trusts fall short when it comes to online data security. Sky News accuses seven NHS trusts of a lack of investment, along with out of date systems, that have resulted in weakened security. The seven, it charges, spent a big fat zero on cybersecurity last year.

This would be worrying enough even if basic security probes showed systems that were up to scratch. However, Hacker House researchers uncovered a bunch of problems that show this to be far from the case. According to the Sky News report, they found “misconfigured email servers, outdated software and security certificates, along with NHS trusts’ emails and passwords, through public searches.”

Hacker House CEO, Jennifer Arcuri, said that “security across the board was weak ” and claimed “it was very clear that you could bypass any number of these trusts just by doing the right recon online.”

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