How BlackNurse DoS uses a single laptop to take your business down

The BlackNurse Denial of Service uses carefully crafted ICMP messages to clog up your firewalls with traffic they can’t ignore

The BlackNurse Denial of Service attack can disrupt the largest of enterprises, behind high-end firewalls, using just a single laptop to carry it out. According to the researchers who uncovered the technique, it has reduced the infrastructure requirement to succeed with DoS attacks. As the Firemon sponsored study by the Aberdeen Group ‘Quantifying the value of intelligent security management’ warns: “The increasingly complex problem of firewall sprawl introduces operational showdowns and security risk to many enterprises today.”

If proof that lack of proper firewall management is a security catastrophe waiting to happen were needed, along comes BlackNurse. According to multiple reports the BlackNurse DoS attack can disrupt high-end network hardware and take your business offline from just a single attacking laptop.

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