Does the UK need a chief information security officer?

Most every large organisation that takes security seriously already has a CISO. With the notable exception of one UK plc…

There’s no denying that the title of ‘Federal Chief Information Security Officer, Executive Office of the President of the United States of America’ has a ring to it. With great job titles come great responsibilities, and this is no exception.

“The Federal CISO establishes the direction of Federal cybersecurity policy and strategy (in accordance with direction provided by the Federal Chief Information Officer), to include management practices, budget priorities (in coordination with Office of Management and Budget Resource Management Offices), and for overseeing implementation across the entire government.”

Isn’t the UK government long overdue a CISO itself? That’s the question we have been asking the IT security industry, and the myriad responses have resoundingly agreed that the answer is yes. Which should surprise nobody – after all, anything that hardens our national cyber-security posture through policy and implementation would have to be a good thing.

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