Is this the most secure portable hard drive ever made?

The first UK journalist to get hold of an iStorage diskAshur PRO 2 drive, I’ve been taking a close look…

I am, I will readily admit, something of a fan of iStorage secure drives. File me under paranoid perhaps, but as someone who has worked in and around the IT security industry for the last 25 years I kind of like my data to be as secure as possible. Yet data in transit, that is any data that resides on a portable drive of any description, is always going to be at a higher risk of exposure than I’d like.

This is why I’ve always recommended that such data should be encrypted, but that much is a given right? Well, yes, but then there’s how you encrypt it? Software encryption comes with caveats, so I prefer to ensure my portable data is on a hardware encrypted device. That’s why I run with, well walk quickly at my age at best, datashure Pro USB 3.0 hardware encrypted thumb drive. Gotta love the hardware encryption, gotta love the on-drive keypad for PIN entry etc

This is all well and good, but what if you need something more, something bigger? Most portable hard drives (as opposed to flash drives) do not come with the same kind of protection. The diskAshur range has always been an exception to the rule, and indeed that’s probably why I have an original diskAshur PRO device in my kitbag. Well, had, to be precise. It has now been replaced, well and truly, by the mark 2 upgrade. Whereas the original was just secure, the new model is batshit crazy secure. And then some.

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