Can we encrypt the web while giving governments a backdoor to snoop?

The Internet Society calls for stronger encryption to protect web users, but is it technically feasible to also provide backdoors?

The president and CEO of the Internet Society, Kathryn Brown, has gone on record to state that encryption “should be made stronger and universal, not weaker”. Brown also mentions how rather than being recognised as a way to secure online transactions, or conversations, the debate too often focuses on the use of encryption “as a way to thwart law enforcement”.

Which got us thinking here at SC Media UK, would it actually be technically possible to encrypt the entire web and perhaps a little more controversially could this be achieved in a way that enabled decryption to facilitate criminal and national security investigations? Yes, we know, one country’s terrorist is another’s journalist, but considering the ongoing global clamour for encryption backdoors we wondered how technically feasible it might be at an internet-wide scale?

As always, we turned to the cybersecurity industry itself for some answers…

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