Is biometric bonce authentication really a thing now?

Forgotten your password? A research paper suggests you could soon be using your skull as a form of biometric authentication.

Here at IT Security Thing we get to read a lot of white papers, research papers and press releases. Few have caught our attention quite as quickly as the snappily titled ‘SkullConduct: Biometric User Identification on Eyewear Computers Using Bone Conduction Through the Skull.’ This research paper by Stefan Schneegass from the Human-Computer Interaction Group at the University of Stuttgart, Youssef Oualil of the Spoken Language Systems Group at Saarland University and Andreas Bulling from the Perceptual User Interfaces Group at the Max Planck Institute for Informatics is almost literally mind-boggling in its approach to replacing passwords. Not since we read about Professor Shigeomi Koshimizu and his authentication chair that uses arse biometrics (yes, really) to identify the person sitting upon it based upon measurement, weight and pressure, has a potential password replacement made us so curious…

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