Admit it Apple fans, Macs are no more secure than the rest of them

Some Mac fanboys (and girls) are fiercely defending their platform’s security after KeRanger, but you know they really shouldn’t be…

Why are Mac users still in denial that their platform of choice is as insecure as the next? That’s the question that needs to be answered following the, admittedly rather lame, discovery of the first ransomware to target the OS X platform. Let’s get this straight, KeRanger (discovered by Palo Alto Networks) has been somewhat over-hyped by a media hungry to run with a ‘Mac is insecure, told you so’ story. The truth of the matter is that only around 6,500 downloads of the infected files are thought to have been distributed. But KeyRanger does serve as a reminder that you don’t get a free pass from threats when you buy into the Mac ecosystem. Let’s not forget that KeRanger was a fully functioning piece of ransomware, albeit a pretty crappy one.

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