Zero-days double as report reveals 75 per cent of websites have unpatched vulnerabilities

Zero-day vulnerabilities have doubled year on year from 2014 to 2015, equating to a new one being discovered every week

The publication this week of the latest annual Symantec Internet Security Threat Report has, unsurprisingly, got the industry talking. Threat data acquired through the Symantec Global Intelligence Network, comprising in excess of 63 million attack sensors recording thousands of events per second, monitoring more than 157 countries helps feed into the annual report. Throw in a vulnerability database consisting of more than 74,180 recorded vulnerabilities across two decades, from nearly 24,000 vendors representing more than 71,000 products, and you start to appreciate the scale of this annual threat analysis.

The big talking points are that zero-days have doubled as 75 per cent of websites are revealed to have unpatched vulnerabilities and that the UK is the most targeted nation when it comes to spear phishing attacks, social media scams and ransomware attacks…

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