Cybersecurity thinking: an argument for change

In his paper ‘The Human Vulnerability’, industry veteran Chris Pogue argues we’ve been fighting the wrong battle for twenty years…

Chris Pogue is Senior Vice President of Cyber Threat Analysis at vendor Nuix, and also a member of the US Secret Service Electronic Crimes Task Force. A security veteran with over two decades of experience, Pogue has investigated thousands of breaches across the globe and can draw on experience as an ethical hacker, military officer and a SANS thought leader to boot. Here at IT Security Thing, insiders with such a wealth of experience are our bread and butter associates; and we are well aware that a whole bunch of experience does not automatically an interesting white paper make. In this case, however, Pogue has pulled the metaphorical rabbit out of the hat. As well as being genuinely thought-provoking, this white paper provides all the ammunition to build a strategic battle plan and practical action plan for both the security industry and any organisation willing to take it seriously. And take it seriously you should.

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