Internet of Things the real threat to healthcare security

Forget the ransomware threat, healthcare security is being held hostage by the Internet of Things, warns Digital Health’s cyber columnist

Things can only get better, so the song by D:Ream assured us back in 1994. Last year, speaking on Charlie Brooker’s 2016 Wipe TV show, the D:Ream keyboard player at the time and now celebrity physicist, Professor Brian Cox said it was one of the “most misleading and scientifically inaccurate pop songs that’s ever been written.”

I mention this only because I think there should be a remix entitled Internet of Things security can only get better; not least as they surely can’t get any worse.

Just look at where the NHS is with regards to cyber security currently. Freedom of information request driven research carried out at the start of the year has revealed that NHS attacks have more than quadrupled across the past four years while security spending by trusts has remained pretty much the same.

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