13 Ways To Secure Your Android Smartphone

You had better be on top of your smartphone security smarts, our 13 top tips to secure Android can help…

1. Update, update, update.

OK, so that’s easier said than done if you are one of the many millions (about half of all 1.4 billion Android users) without a smartphone model that supports both a recent version of Android and the monthly security updates roll out. Although Apple is on top of the operating system update game, with all iPhone users getting the chance to upgrade to the latest iOS , Android is a different kettle of fish. The variables as to when or if you get the latest version are many, and even the monthly security updates aren’t guaranteed. If you have the very latest Google branded device (a Pixel whatever) then you are pretty much guaranteed to be first in the update queue; for everyone else it’s something of a gamble. The latest Samsung flagship (at the time of writing) the S8, ships with Android 7.0 despite 7.1 being out there for ages. It does, however, get the monthly security updates at least. So if you have so little control over updates, why is it on the list? Because you do have control, over updating your apps at least. Although it’s more likely that an app has been updated to increase functionality or fix a UI bug, security also plays a part and it’s good practise to install those app updates as they become available.

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