How much anonymity does a VPN really provide?

People think that a VPN keeps them anonymous while online; people are more often than not wrong and here’s why…

What a VPN, any VPN, can actually offer is a method of securing your connectivity and making it much harder for an attacker (be that a hacker or the government) from intercepting your data whilst in transit. Some VPN services do offer user anonymity as a selling point, but how honest are they being? OK, so the word ‘private’ in the expanded VPN acronym suggests privacy. But privacy and anonymity are different things. Certainly when talking about VPNs, we should be thinking in terms of the interconnection of private networks rather than the privacy of end user identity.

When it comes to services that claim to provide anonymity, I certainly wouldn’t recommend taking them on their word. In fact, I would argue, it is beholden of the prospective customer (that’s you) to fact check everything before handing over any money. And handing over money, funnily enough, is right there at number one in my list of checks to make.

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