Security industry responds to NCA report

NCA report doesn’t criticise itself for cyber crime failings, but gives business a kicking; what does the security industry think?

The NCA report confirms the accelerating pace of criminal cyber capability outpaces the UK’s collective response to cyber crime. So you might expect the NCA to outline where it has failed, and tell us what it’s doing to put things right. Instead, the NCA slaps itself on the back saying “Government, law enforcement and other bodies have increased efforts to tackle cyber crime.”

Business, on the other hand, gets something of a kicking. “Businesses firstly need to ensure that adequate cyber security is in place,” the report states, “but they also need to increase cyber resilience.”

IT Security Thing agrees with much the NCA report says, such as business needs to view cyber crime as a board-level responsibility and not just a technical issue. However, the lack of reflective criticism of its own success in tackling cyber crime is another failure in and of itself.

What does the wider industry think of it all though? IT Security Thing has been finding out.

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