What can you buy on the Dark Web for under a tenner?

You might be surprised to learn what hackers can buy for £10 or less, and how dangerous those threats are

It wasn’t difficult to access the Silk Road dark market, where everything from drugs to guns were bought and sold. Which is probably why the FBI managed to infiltrate it so easily and ultimately shut it down. It’s also probably why very few people traded in stolen data or the tools of the cybercriminal trade there – hackers are just smarter than that.

While many dark market sites still exist with access through the Tor network, more illicit forums are enjoying boom times with invitation-only access. As visibility drops and these marketplaces become even darker, you might think that prices would be going through the roof.

You may well be surprised to learn just what hackers can buy for less than a tenner these days – and how dangerous these threats are to your organisation. Here we outline four of the most common dark web exploit deals, and how you can protect your business from them.

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