The rise and rise of ransomware

The relative low cost of ransomware as a service means that criminals can jump in and out of the business.

Newly published research suggests that the growth in ransomware infrastructure is, frankly, incredible. With old threats being neutralised, and the public becoming increasingly aware of how to mitigate against these attacks, we wonder just how big a threat ransomware really is? The latest Infoblox DNS Threat Index for Q1 2016 reports a 3,500 percent increase in ransomware domain creation quarter on quarter from 2015. “The relative cost of infrastructure is so low that it completely makes sense from the criminal’s point of view,” Rod Rasmussen, vice president of cybersecurity at Infoblox told, “to scale up those activities that prove to have a return on their investment.” Ransomware has certainly jumped on that commoditisation of cyber-crime wave, and are riding it for all it’s worth. But let’s not forget that the Infoblox DNS numbers are not the end of all of it.

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