The key ingredients for a good CISO

NHS Digital has started to look for another chief information security officer (CISO) after the shock resignation of Robert Coles

The surprising news that Robert Coles is stepping down from his position as NHS Digital’s chief information security officer (CISO) after just three months in the job has left many cybersecurity experts scratching their heads. After all, the process of searching for the right person for the job began way back in June 2017 and Coles was a perfect fit: a 30-year career in the field, a former CISO at both the National Grid and Merrill Lynch, not to mention his previous role as security chief at GlaxoSmithKline. We must accept that the resignation of Coles was for personal reasons as stated, so I’m not prepared to speculate on that particular hot potato. What I will do is turn my mind to the question of what makes a good CISO.

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