Shifting Left for Secure Application Development

Embrace the shift left concept or application vulnerabilities will remain a major attack vector while development and security are siloed

Have you embraced a ‘shift left’ approach to application development yet? The chances are that the rapidly growling application economy will already be driving a DevOps culture within your organisation, where agility is king: development teams are expected to deliver the goods to ever diminishing deadlines to meet market demand and keep prices down. Unfortunately, the end result can all too often be delivered at a high cost in terms of security. Applications that move through the delivery chain with unseen security issues in place risk becoming an overriding design debt that must be paid, with interest added at every stage of the process, when that code goes into production. Shifting secure thinking all the way left to the very start of the development process provides a positive impact as far as return on investment is concerned and helps mitigate the all too obvious risks of insecure applications to the enterprise, the customer-base and the bottom line.

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