Why is UK business the most breached across Europe?

New research reveals the UK as the most breached country in Europe during the last 12 months. Why is that?

Historically, more organisations within Sweden (78 percent) and the Netherlands (74 percent) admitted they had been breached compared to 67 percent in the UK. That still represents a rise of 24 percent for the British from the year before though. Point the research lens at just the last 12 months, however, and a different picture emerges. Some 27 percent of Netherlands businesses admitted to being breached, 30 percent of Swedish businesses and 33 percent of German ones. The figure for the UK was the highest across Europe though, at some 37 percent. Despite this, the report reveals that only 31 percent of UK organisations felt either very vulnerable or extremely vulnerable to data threats. The vast majority, some 69 percent, apparently feeling somewhat vulnerable at worst or not vulnerable at all…

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