Five worrying cyberthreats to connected tech

As connected technology develops, cybersecurity threats within what is known as Industry 4.0 multiply. Here are five major areas of concern…

Incremental gains in lean manufacturing are in part being driven by client devices able to interface horizontally with other client devices, using application programming interfaces (APIs). But smart supply chains such as this are also increasingly leading to security breaches at plants, according to Bernd Koenig, director of security, Europe, Middle East and Africa, at Akamai. “Poor security procedures somewhere down the supply chain can mean that malware is passed from client to client, infecting them all along the way,” he says. Permanent denial of service (PDoS) attacks, such as last year’s Brickerbot, have been created to expose the insecurity of internet of things (IoT) devices. “Down the road, APIs exposed on the internet connecting smart and intelligent agents with IoT devices and cloud services will become an even larger threat,” warns Radware’s European security evangelist Pascal Geenens.

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