How organised is organised cybercrime?

Cybercrime is big business, a highly organised and professional one at that; here’s what the C-Suite really needs to know

Law enforcement, security vendors and white hat hackers all collaborate in the fight against cybercrime. It would be naive to imagine that cybercriminals are not meeting this challenge in kind. Yet far too many organisations seem to think that the dark side of the internet is still inhabited by teenagers in hoodies looking to make some beer money.

The truth is that your average cyber-attacker will be part of an organisation that is far closer to a corporate enterprise in its structure. “Cybercrime units possess roles that we typically come across in any large legitimate business such as partner networks, associates, resellers and vendors,” says Kevin Curran, professor of cybersecurity at Ulster University, “and they even have dedicated call centres which are typically used to help with requests from ransomware victims.”

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