How dumb is your smartwatch?

The tale of what happens when a smartwatch hater breaks, and buys one: so just how dumb is your smartwatch?

For the longest time, every pun intended, I was a smartwatch hater. How dumb is that, a stupid-expensive smartwatch that really does nothing much at all. I mean, what’s the point of wearing a watch that tells you when there’s an email on the phone that’s in your pocket? Or, indeed, of a watch at all when that phone in your pocket also tells you the time?

The fact that smartwatches looked so bad, unless you like the kind of design on your wrist that shouts ‘came free with a tankful of gasoline’ that is. Even those usually uber-cool designers could only come up with a rectangular slab for the Apple Watch. And don’t get me started on the Motorola ‘hockey puck on a strap’ that couldn’t even throw in a fully circular display on its fully circular watch face.

Then a few things started happening all at once. Smartwatches that actually looked like watches, that weren’t so huge that only tech savvy Orangutan could carry them off, and that had some real world functionality combined with practical usability started to appear. So this hater broke, and bought one.

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