CryPy Python ransomware: “just let it run” says security expert

Ransomware continues to develop nasty new tricks, one expert reckons you can let it run (with a few virtualized caveats)

Some new ransomware code, CryPy, developed entirely in Python, has escaped into the wild and it’s a nasty piece of work. This latest entrant in the growing ranks of ‘Pysomware’ joins the likes of HolyCrypt and Fs0ciety Locker. The difference, however, is that CryPy comes with a rather dangerous new trick in that it encrypts files with unique keys and does so one at a time. First spotted by Jakub Kroustek, an AVG (or should we say Avast now) researcher, the CryPy ransomware quickly grabbed the attention of the usual suspects of security research. Amongst them, of course, was Kaspersky Labs. An in-depth technical teardown of how CryPy works soon surfaced, courtesy of Ido Naor and Noam Alon. But why is one security expert suggesting the answer to CryPy, and all ransomware, is to just let it run? IT Security Thing reports.

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