Is the IT industry to blame for the success of Point-of-Sale malware?

Is the reputation of the IT security industry itself being tarnished in the wake of yet more successful Point-of-Sale attacks?

Eddie Bauer is the latest in an alarmingly long, and growing, list of data breach victims for whom ‘point-of-sale’ and ‘malware’ shall forever trigger the night terrors. The US-based outdoor clothing retailer saw its in-store point-of-sale (PoS) system infected for six-months, during which time payment card information may have been accessed.

Quite rightly, organisations such as Eddie Bauer will suffer brand damage if security is found to be lacking. But what about the reputation of the IT security industry itself in the wake of these successful PoS attacks?

Should the IT security industry be looking inwards at itself and asking if the available solutions are too expensive, too complex or there’s another reason that successful PoS attacks are becoming so commonplace?

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