Is Windows 10 really the answer to NHS cyber-insecurities?

Can upgrading devices to Windows 10 improve cyber-resilience and confront the serious security challenges faced by NHS trusts? Erm, nope.

So, the Department of Health and Social Care has jumped into bed with Microsoft to improve cyber-resilience across the NHS by upgrading devices to Windows 10. While far from being a Windows 10 naysayer, I can’t help but wonder if this relationship will be able to deliver the levels of cyber-resilience it appears to promise. Although the move to provide these operating system upgrades via a central licensing deal was prompted by last year’s WannaCry incident and the resulting post-mortem, the roots run much deeper than that. In fact, it could be argued that it runs right back to when the last centralised Microsoft deal ended back in 2010, and trusts struggled to cope with the cost of updating.

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