Tesco Bank attack mode data remains Traffic Light Protocol Red, for now…

Tesco Bank has been robbed. That much we know; the question is when will we know more about attack modes?

Some 9000 current account holders lost an average of £250 each if the £2.5m total loss figure is an accurate one. Tesco Bank itself knows the exact numbers, and CEO Benny Higgins says he knows the precise attack mechanism as well. He’s not telling us, though, or anyone for that matter. It’s far too early in the criminal investigation of what is looking like being the biggest British bank robbery since such things went cyber.

Eventually, of course, the details will come out, but not in time for the so-called ‘challenger banks’ for whom time really is of the essence. They have no time at all in which to pull the proverbial finger out and collectively ensure their security houses are in order.

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