Mapping the cybersecurity threatscape for 2016

We spend a great deal of time analysing reports in order to map the threatscape, so you don’t have to…

OK, so anyone who has read the ‘Mitigating Cybercrime Through Meaningful Measurement Methodologies’ paper which I co-authored with Ian Trump from LogicNow, will appreciate that I am no great fan of the reporting by numbers approach to security news. However, this certainly doesn’t mean that there isn’t real value to be had from the research and analysis that comes out of vendors in the form of quarterly threat reports. A lot of the time, truth be told, they don’t mean a whole lot; or at least not a whole lot new that we didn’t already know. When interesting trends do emerge, however, they are worth repeating. So, without further ado, here’s a brief overview of the evolving threatscape as mapped by analysing myriad security research reports over the last few weeks.

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